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Huye Mountain
Huye Mountain

Huye Mountain

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COFFEE: Huye Mountain

ORIGIN: Rwanda

NOTES: Strawberry, Orange Candy, Pomegrante

VARIETY: Red Bourbon

PROCESS: Natural/Dry-processed

 ELEVATION: 1,600 to 2,200 masl

In the Huye district of Rwanda’s Southern Province, agronomist David Rubanzangabo owns and operates Huye Mountain Washing Station. This lot of dry-process coffee is the work of over 1,330 local small-scale producers who deliver their harvest to one of 26 collection points in the area. At the station, it is meticulously hand-sorted, and laid to dry on raised beds for 14-28 days. It is an incredibly fruity, yet remarkably clear and delicate, beautiful coffee.
  • Coffee is roasted fresh on the next business day following order placement.
  • Orders placed from Friday-Sunday will be roasted and shipped the following Monday.
  • Please allow up to 2 business day to ship