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COFFEE: Zanzibar

ORIGIN: Tanzania

REGION: Northern and Southern Tanzania

NOTES: Blackberry, Green Apple, Caramel

VARIETIES: N & KP, Kent, Bourbon

PROCESS: Washed, sun-dried

ELEVATION: 1,400 - 1,800 masl

A Peaberry is a natural mutation of a regular coffee cherry in which the cherry contains only one bean as opposed to two! As peaberries are the only seed inside the coffee cherry, they are typically smaller, rounder, and denser than the two-seeded cherries. Tanzania Peaberry Zanzibar is a premium coffee from high-altitude estates in Southern and Northern Tanzania. With the taste of stone fruit on the forefront of this coffee, you can expect a smooth, creamy body, as well as some hints of citrus and floral notes.


  • Coffee is roasted fresh on the next business day following order placement.
  • Orders placed from Friday-Sunday will be roasted and shipped the following Monday.
  • Please allow up to 2 business day to ship